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Start posting or bidding on cleaning and building services projects! Post or bid on anything from one time home cleaning, to long term commercial janitorial projects. If it involves cleaning, sanitation, or any type of building or property services, you can post it to get bids from local service providers! Post anonymously or otherwise....All posting and bidding is FREE and secure. Bids and updates will be sent directly to your Inbox for your convenience.
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What is the site about?
At , our purpose is simple: To help those with cleaning and building maintenance needs to find ideal cleaning companies, contractors and freelancers quickly and easily. By allowing service providers to bid on posted jobs/projects, we aim to give cleaning service seekers access to a broad range of service providers. On the other hand, service providers can easily find projects and jobs that fit their area of expertise, and place multiple bids all on one website.

If you need to find cleaning service companies, contractors or freelancers, you can post your project and get automatic updates when a service provider places a bid.

Whether you need highly specialized commercial cleaning services in a large city like New York or Los Angeles, or simply need general house cleaning in a small rural town, all kinds of cleaning jobs/ projects can be posted.

Posting a project/job for bidding on is free. Once posted, cleaning service providers can submit bids/quotes within minutes. Our easy-to-fill form allows you to ask for price quotes for your project, and specify as many details as is required. Once you're satisfied with the number of bids received, or your project is about to expire, choose the best quote and award your project to the winning service provide. It is recommended that you verify the service providers licensing,insurance, and bonding information and conduct a background check on freelancers before allowing them into your home or place of business. is also integrated with Facebook and Twitter. Once a service seeker posts a project, it is automatically posted on our Twitter and Facebook pages to maximize publicity and get as many qualified cleaning service providers aware of it.

How Do I Get Started?
Once you have signed up for free your free account, you can post a new project/cleaning job by clicking on the "Post a Project" button. Once you've created and submitted a profile, check your email. You will receive an email from with your username and password. Go back and click the "Post a Project" button to create and publish your new project. Within minutes, your project will be ready to start receiving quotes. When posting your projects you will be required to choose a budget range, and the duration in which you would like to keep the project live(maximum of 90 days).

Optionally you can pay a $15 fee so that your project appears in the "Featured!" section. "Featured" projects gain extra exposure and more bids. If a project is urgent, and you would like to notify cleaning service providers of this, there will be a $5 required to post your project as "URGENT !"

After you have submitted your project details a notification email will be sent cleaning service and building maintenance companies and contractors who match the areas of expertise that you selected, notifying them of your request . They will be able to bid on your project and post messages on your "Message Board". If your project/ cleaning job receives a bid or someone leaves a message on the �project message board� (PMB) you will be notified immediately by email.

What are the costs to me?
It is completely free to join and post project quotations on ! All we ask in return is that if you provide honest feedback on the cleaning company/contractor/freelancer you hire once the project is complete.This will give future customers a better understanding of provider's performance. To rate a provider, you will need to accept that particular service provider's bid online.

How do I rate another user?
You are able to rate any service provider that you have concluded project with. To do so, log into your account through the 'Manage Account' menu option. Your account page will contain a list of the members whom you may rate. Please ensure that your ratings are accurate by providing an honest opinion about the service provider you chose. Best of all, this has the added benefit of encouraging service providers to take seriously the satisfaction of their customers, as good ratings will likely increase their business in the future.

How we can pay? Is your payment system secure?
At this time, no payments will be required. Once payment features are activated, they will all be conducted in a secure environment.

How should I make payment to my chosen Service Provider?
Buyers will also have the option to easily pay their service provider through the site. Each user on maintains a running balance of funds which can be added to using either a Credit card or a PayPal account. Funds may then be transferred either directly to the account of the chosen Service Provider, or via an Escrow account which holds the funds securely whilst the Project-work is completed to both parties satisfaction. This feature is not yet activated, but will be available once payment options are enabled. In the mean time, you will have to make payment arrangements with your service provider.

What if my chosen service provider does not complete the project/work to my satisfaction?
As in any case when you enter a new contractual relationship with a business or contractor, you can never be sure that the service you will receive will always be exactly what your looking for. We therefore encourage you to the check the Service Provider's ratings,references, licensing, insurance, bonding, and background. A List of resources to help you with this is posted on each service provider's profile. However should your chosen Service Provider not render the services as agreed upon, please remember that is not a party to the contract reached and only acts as a facilitator. Any action to enforce your contractual rights should be directed to the service provider. For further information please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

Are all Service Providers licensed and bonded ? cannot check the licensing requirements for all types of project/jobs, and therefore makes no assertions as to the licensing status of any member. We request that all Buyers verify the winning bidder's information with the appropriate licensing boards and insurance company.Please note that licensing and bonding requirements vary in each city, state, province, and country.

Can I contact the Service Provider directly?
Once bidding has been concluded and you have chosen a service provider, and your project has been accepted, we will give you direct contact with the service provider. During the bidding, you may use the message board and private messaging functions on the site to discuss the project, and provide any further details or clarification that is required. Any attempts to bypass this and allow contact with the Service Provider directly by posting phone numbers, web site addresses or other contact information may result in the suspension of your account.Service Providers that wish to be contacted directly can add their profile in our directory. Please help support the concept behind to ensure it remains a worthwhile and productive venture for all involved by respecting the Terms and Conditions.

When posting a project, how much detail should I provide?
We encourage you to post as much detail on your proposed project as you can, to ensure that the full scope and detail of the project is understood by both parties. With most cleaning and building maintenance jobs, sizes and measurements are a must. For example, if you need carpet cleaning for your living room, include the floor dimensions of the room, and the type of carpet, if known. Upload images where possible, but again, do so where appropriate, and without compromising your privacy. Details can be entered directly into when posting the project, or by attaching a file, such as a Word document, to the Project for potential service providers to download. However please do not post any personal information in the project description as it will be automatically made available to other users and to search engines. Only share personal information with your chosen service provider once you have conducted an adequate background check. When you have to pay a cleaner, your best choice is to take advantage of our safe Escrow payment system which protects both buyers and service providers and is FREE of charge (This feature has not yet been activated). To send a payment, all you have to do is log in, click on the Escrow payment link (in the payments area, near the Balance), enter the service provider's username and the amount you wish to put in the Escrow account. Once the Project-work is completed to your full satisfaction you can release the funds by going to the 'Payment Transaction' area and cliking on the 'Finish Payment' link in the 'Outgoing Escrow Payments' table.

Should I deposit money if I have none in my wallet ?
If you intend to use any of the paid features, we encourage you to make deposit. However, paid features are currently disabled, so there is no need to make a deposit at this time.

How do I add money to my account?
Once paid features are activated, log in, click on 'Payment Transactions' and then 'Deposit Money'. You can deposit money from Paypal. You can also use your credit card through Paypal or Moneybookers.

Can I withdraw money from my account?
Yes, money can be withdrawn whenever you want as long as you are logged in. Click on 'Payment Transactions' and then 'Withdraw Money' to withdraw money from your PayPal account. You must withdraw a minimum amount of $20 for each withdrawal. All withdrawals are processed manually in 7 days from day of request for Paypal, and 7 days for Moneybookers.

Can money be transferred between users not involved in a project?
No. Money can only be transferred from one account to another to pay for a project k once it is complete.

Is any fee applied for transferring money to another account?
No, there is no transfer fee when sending payment to another account.

Buyers - Homeowners & Business Buyers FAQs

How do I post a new Project?
Click on the 'Post a Project' link on the header to go to the New Project page. Select up to three categories and then provide a description for the Project. You may attach a file if you want (2.5 mb max uploading). Fill in the rest of the fields and then click on 'Post a Project'.

How do I close, cancel or extend my Project?
Log in to your account, click on the 'Buyer Activity' link and choose the applicable option. A menu will be displayed for you to make changes or close a Project by selecting the appropriate cleaning company/contractor or freelancer. You also have the option to extend your project for up to 7 days.

Why must I fill in the 'Days open for bidding' field ?
Cleaning Service Providers need to know how much time is available for bidding before the Project request expires on our website. This gives everyone a guideline to work within. However, you may extend the bidding period of your Project at any time.

What is the "budget range"?
The budget range is an approximation of how much you are willing to pay for a specific Project. You define your budget range by choosing a minimum and a maximum spending limit. This is necessary because it guides Cleaning Services Providers to make reasonable bids for your cleaning job.

What types of projects can I post?
Any kind of cleaning or building maintenance related project can be posted. Some common examples include one time house cleanings, weekly house cleaning, night office cleaning, window cleaning, long term cleaning contracts, snow removal and pressure washing. We have an extensive set of categories from which you can choose, but you may post any cleaning/building maintenance related projects that are not in the categories shown by placing them in the "Other types of Cleaning" Category. To view the list of categories, visit Cleaning/Building Maintenance Categories

Can I re-open a closed Project ?
No. You need to post a new Project.

What does it mean when a Project is frozen?
A Project is frozen when the bidding period expires. When the Project is frozen, it is either time to select a workmen or extend the bidding period. The project will remain frozen until the selected cleaning service provider accepts (or rejects) it.

Other Frequently Asked Questions
Okay, I've got a job and I need it done, what do I do?
Click on the Submit Your Job link and post your project. For verification purposes we'll send you an email containing a link which you will need to visit. Is this really a free service?
Yes. Besides paying the service provider, and making upgrades to your projects, this is currently a free service. All we ask in return is that if you rate service providers after the services have been rendered so other customers may have an understanding of their performance. To rate a service provider, you will need to accept that particular providers bid online.
Once I start receiving quotes, am I under any obligation to accept one of them? No, if you aren't happy with the bids or the workers aren't exactly what you are looking for, you are under no obligation at all to accept any bids. I have found a service provider on your site to whom I want to award a job. Is there anything I should be aware of? You should always ask your service provider for a few references, whether they are licensed and bonded for the services you need, and make sure you conduct background checks on freelancers and individuals prior to allowing them into your home.We have posted resources on service provider profile pages to assist you in getting the required formation. If they can't do the job straight away then make sure that the amount they bid for will not rise. For more complex projects, remember to get a break down the pricing so you know exactly what you are paying for. Get a contract written up, stating when the job is due to be completed, when work starts, and any other important detail. Also we encourage you to refrain from paying too much money up front - be aware that disputes and changes in the scope of a project can occur.

Service Providers- Cleaning Companies/Contractors/Freelancers FAQs

How does work for Cleaning Companies/Contractors/ Freelancers?
Cleaning and Building Maintenance Service Providers can view posted Projects and choose which one(s) to bid on according to their qualifications and areas of expertise. When the bidding period ends the buyer selects the winning service provider , who can then begin to work on the project, and get paid as by the homeowner of business buyer!

What benefit do I get from using ?
Finding clients can sometimes be difficult. is advertised all over the Internet, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to attract what equates to already qualified leads and buyers for your services. Service providers essentially get a access to buyers who are guaranteed to be seeking their services .

What are the Profiles and the Sample Portfolio Areas?
The Profile and Sample Portfolio are services that Cleaners' Hub service providers after registering. You can use them to publish a presentation of what you have to offer and post your available service offerings,qualifications,certifications licensing and bonding status and any other important details.

How much does it cost to join ?
Signing up and bidding is currently free. The is a charge for VIP membership. See the explanation below.

How much does it cost to become a VIP Provider?
VIP Providers pay a $ 15 monthly fee. Upgrading to VIP membership gets you some exclusive benefits: No commission charged for winning Projects. More Exposure: as a VIP Service Provider your bids will be displayed on top of the Project bid list. This way the project owners will immediately see your bids first. Your bid will also be highlighted in a special color and a VIP symbol will be displayed next to your sceenname.

How can I communicate with a buyer?
You can send the buyer a private message. Privates messages provide a private means by which you can communicate with the buyer.

How can I stop receiving e-mail notifications of new Projects?
Log in to your account and click on the 'Edit Account Info' link. If the e-mail notification box is checked, uncheck it to stop receiving e-mail notifications.

Can I be refunded if a project fails? acts a facilitator to connect cleaning and building maintenance service providers with buyers of those services. Any disputes between service providers and buyers must be handled between the aforementioned parties (buyers and service providers).

What is a private message and how can I send one?
Private messages are a direct line between a buyer and a service provider. You may use private messages to discuss the details of a Project. Private messages cannot be seen by other service providers. You can send a private message by clicking on the 'Private message to (buyer username)' link found on the Project page.

Can I change my account password?
Yes, you can change your password at any time. Log in to your account and go to the 'Modify Login Info': you will be given the option to change your password immediately.

How does the Escrow system for payments work?
The Escrow system is a great way to ensure safe payment for the work you provide. However, you may arrange payment directly with the buyer once you've been awarded a project.

How much is the commission for each Project? currently charges no commission for winning bids. However, we reserve the right to change this at any time. VIP Profiles will not pay commissions at any time.

Should I have money in my account?
Once you have been selected as the winning provider, you may need to have money in your account to pay the commission. However, no commissions will be charged at this time.

How can I add money to my account?
Go to the 'My Account' area, click on the 'Payment Transactions' link where you will be given the option to make a deposit. Money can be deposited via Credit Card, PayPal and MoneyBookers.

Can I withdraw money from my account?
Of course. In the 'My Account' area, click on the 'withdraw money' link in the "Payment Transactions" section and money will be deposited into your PayPal account. Please note you cannot withdraw less than $20 at a time.

Can money be transferred between users not involved in any Project-work or to another one of my accounts?
No. Money can only be transferred from one account to another to pay for a Project once it is complete.

If I don't invoice the buyer for the total bid amount, can I receive a partial refund of the commission charge?
No, stores a Project-work as soon as it is closed by the buyer, therefore you will be charged according to the bid amount.This will only apply when we begin to charge commissions.

When do you collect the Project fee?
Project fees will be automatically taken from your account, however taking such fees must not result in a negative balance, so you should make sure you have enough money in your account wallet or deposit some in advance if you don't. You can not have a negative balance (below zero).You can not obtain contact information from buyers, and you can not start working on a project until your fee is paid. This is only applicable once we start charging commissions

How do I place a bid on a Project?
Click the 'Place Bid' link on the Project page. You will be redirected to the bid page, where you can enter the bid amount, provide an estimated completion time for the Project and add details of your bid (optional). When placing a bid, you can choose to be notified via e-mail when lower bids are placed on the same Project by checking the corresponding box. All bids are reviewed manually, they will appear to be delayed as it takes time to do this review. The reviewing staff will check for contact information, any information of this kind will be edited out.

Can I change a bid I have already placed on a Project?
Yes, you can change your bid by clicking the place bid button again. The buyer will see your latest bid.

Can I cancel a bid I have already placed?
Yes, you can cancel your bid by going to the 'My Account' area, clicking the 'provider activity' link and then the 'Retract your bid' button.

Can I ask a question about a posted Project
If you need to ask a buyer a question to get any details about the Project-work, you can post a message either on the public or the private message board. You can access these boards by clicking on one of the corresponding text links on the Project page.

Can I estimate the cost of a Project when bidding?
You shouldn't estimate the cost of a Project and post it as a bid. You could end up bidding yourself too high, or on the other end, you could put in a lot of work and not be receiving adequate compensation. When you place a bid, you enter into a legal binding contract and you would be required to perform the work for the amount you have bid. If you require more information to make an accurate bid, you can use the public and private message boards.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

It looks like a great idea but how much will it cost me?
You can list yourself for free on the website, and post a profile. Your profile cannot contain contact information like phone numbers, websites and email addresses. To add a profile with contact information, visit this link : Add a Full Profile with Contact Details

Why should I register on your site?
Finding leads and more importantly, finding clients can sometimes be costly, time consuming and difficult. By registering with, you get access to customers who are already seeking your types of services and need them in a relatively short amount of time.

Some types of cleaning services:

* Office Janitorial Services * Carpet Cleaning * Maid Service * Air Duct Cleaning * Apartment and Condo Maintenance * Automotive/ Car Detailing * Awnings and Canopy Cleaning * Bed Bug Extermination * Biohazard Cleanup * Blind Cleaning * Buffing and Polishing * Carpet Cleaning * Cleanrooms Service and Cleaning * Drainage & Gutter Cleaning * Drainage and Sewer Cleanup * Drapery and Curtain Cleaning * Dumpster Rental/Service * Environmental Cleaning Service * Equipment Repair and Maintenance * Estate Cleaning Service * Filters-Air & Gas Cleaning * Fire Place and Chimney Sweep * Floor Cleaning * Floor Degreasing * Furniture Cleaning and Restoration * Gardening & Landscaping * General Building Maintenance * General Cleaning * Granite and Marble Cleaning * Hot Tub Cleaning * House Cleaning * Industrial Cleaning * Janitor Service * Jewelry Cleaning * Laundry Service * Lead Paint Removal * Leaf Removal * Lot Cleaners * Maid Service * Mattress Cleaning * Medical Facility/ Healthcare Cleaning * Mold Removal * Office Cleaning * Other Types of Cleaning * Patio and Deck Cleaning * Plumbing * Pool Cleaning * Post Construction Cleanup * Pressure Washing * Property Management * Remediation Services * Restaurant Cleaning * Restroom Sanitation * Roof Cleaning and Snow Removal * Rug Cleaning * Sales and Marketing * Sanitation * Snow Removal * Storefront Cleaning * Tank Cleaning * Tile and Grout Cleaning * Upholstery Cleaning * Vacuum Cleaner Repair * Wall Cleaning * Waste Management/ Removal * Water and Fire Restoration * Window Cleaning

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