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full-service operation

Project Name : full-service operation
Status :   (Closed By redge)
Posted by : redge         (No Feedback)
Description : CTA trains their operatives to be very thorough in cleaning the office space. All horizontal surfaces including high and low areas are thoroughly wiped down. The walls, switches, blinds and doors are spot cleaned. Telephones, monitors, keyboards and mice are cleaned and sanitized. Trash is emptied and removed. Carpets are vacuumed in detail and spot cleaned if spillage occurs. Hard surface floors are mopped and spot cleaned using the appropriate cleaner if spillage occurs. Upholstered furniture are vacuumed or brushed. Furthermore, towels used to wipe down horizontal surfaces are color coded to prevent our operative from using the same towel that was previously used in the restroom/pantry.
Location : Delta BC / Vancouver BC / Richmond BC
Location Type : Commercial
Size : cleaning for all sizes of operation in offices
Materials : vacuumed cleaner and ETC.
Required Tools : none
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Budget :
Required Skills : Cleanrooms Service and Cleaning,Floor Cleaning,General Cleaning,Janitor Service,Office Cleaning,Restroom Sanitation,Vacuum Cleaner Repair,Wall Cleaning
Posted Date : 09-21-2015
Days open for bidding: Project Closed for Bidding

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Delta BC / Vancouver BC / Richmond BC

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